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Selling Your Home

Selling Your Home – Top 5 Tips

My Top 5 Tips

Selling Your Home, First Impressions/Curb Appeal

Tip 1. Tidy up Landscaping, by removing dead branches, leaves or other debris.
Make sure you water the lawn. An un-kept yard may make buyers wonder what
else you haven’t kept up with.

Selling Your Home Tip

2. Any siding or trim that has peeling paint should probably be touched up.
Unless of course your home is a total handyman special.

3. Even with a handyman special, remove the garbage. as many times you
will need to do that anyway. Many contracts are written with the words broom swept.
This means get the garbage, including furniture out before you close. A walk through
the property is usually done by the buyers a day or so before the closing to make
sure everything with the house is as they expected it to be.

4. Shovel the snow. Un-shoveled sidewalks could be a liability if someone falls,
Coming or going from your home. Again the first impression of the house is, they aren’t
taking care of this place. It will reflect in the offer/s.

5. A good welcome matt will make a nice impression and keep your floor clean.

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